Between Ocean


Between ocean is an translation company which provides translators to companies. In this world there are many countries with own langauge. We know at this digital era there are alots of software but everytime human are win in this war.

Requirements of Between Ocean:

Following Requirements of Between Ocean:

  • Design responsive blog page.
  • Not show anything except author name on post.


1 Day

What we do?

Our web designing team handle this project. With these requirements and timelines, our designing team did it.

How we did?

  • First make a page with name of (Blog).
  • Publish it and Click on “Edit with Elementor”
  • Then make a section with one column.
  • Add Elementor Widget (Posts). Apply (Cards) effects.
  • and then we click on “Update”


We did it within timeframe and send reminder to client. (Check the blog page).


Client send two times revisions because he wants to remove date and read more tags.

<strong>Customer Satisfaction:</strong>