Best Way to Integrate Wocoomerce Afterpay

Woocommerce After Pay

Running or managing an online store requires the use of an online payment gateway.  A number of experts say that Cash on Delivery is the best method to increase conversation because of spam. But some experts prefer online payments. Today we will discuss about integration of woocommerce afterpay.

The fastest-growing payment gateway in 2019 is Afterpay. It is used by many online stores to increase sales.

 First, we take a look at how afterpay works before we jump into our main article.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is an Australian finance company that offers interest-free loans. With Afterpay, shoppers can buy products and pay off their loans in installments without paying interest. Afterpay is available in New Zealand, Australia, the United states and Canada.

Key Notes:

  • Afterpay allows shoppers to buy online and offline.
  • Pay all the installments within six weeks.
  • With your AfterPay account linked with a card or your bank account, you can set up auto payments and save yourself the hassle. 
  • Afterpay does not charge interest to consumers if they pay on time, but if they pay late, they will incur a late fee. The late fee is known as interest.

Let’s begin to integrate afterpay woocommerce:

How to Integrate Afterpay in Woocommerce?

Here are some steps which help us to integrate afterpay in Woocommerce:

Step no 01: Install After pay in WordPress:

For installing afterpay in woocommerce, you can download the afterpay plugin from the official wordpress website. You can also search after pay plugin in the plugin section which you can see underneath the appearance.

  • If you download the plugin then Go to WordPress > Go to Plugin > Click on Add New > Click on Upload file. 
  • When you click on upload file then you see a pop up of file manager will appear. Select the afterpay plugin and click ok. After uploading click on Install. 
Integrate Woocommerce Afterpay
  • After Installing the plugin click on activate. 

Note: You can also install the plugin by search in it on plugin page.

Step no 02: Set up Afterpay in Woocommerce:

Go to Woocommerce Setting > Click on Payments > On Payments page you will see afterpay > On the Afterpay (Like on blow image) 

Woocommerce Afterpay

Step No 03: Setup Merchant Account:

  • Click on Setting > You will see a page of afterpay settings.
  • After setting your merchant account on afterpay, you will get merchant id and secret key from afterpay. Put in the afterpay woocommerce setting.
Afterpay woocommerce setting
  • Before public this payment gateway, we suggest you test afterpay. For testing just put the sandbox id and sandbox key which you get from afterpay account. 
  • After testing remove the sandbox id and sandbox key, click on save button. 

Congratulations you will be done!


How much charge afterpay from merchants?

Afterpay charge 0.3$ from merchants and charge 4-6% commission on variable products.

Is afterpay is good?

If you have money then we suggest you to pay all amount of your online purchasing. But if you have not then you go with afterpay.

Is afterpay safe?

Afterpay use pci security ( Payment card industry data security standards) and also afterpay says that it’s use high security without leak any data.

Can you pay bills by afterpay?

No, you cannot pay your bills via afterpay. Afterpay is just use for online payments or in store payments.

Final Thoughts:

We recommend that you integrate afterpay with woocommerce. The conversation will be increased this way. Do not use afterpay if the price of your products are normal. Use afterpay only if your products have high prices. If you have any question ask in comment section.

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